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Thirstin Howl the 3rd – 7th Boro Interview

Thirstin Howl the 3rd is someone who occupies a very interesting space in hip hop history. While he might not be a household name, his influence has stretched across the globe. Known for having the most impressive Polo collection, Thirstin Howl has been an underground icon in hip hop fashion for well over 20 years. During this time he’s also released a very impressive catalog of music as well, having around 30 projects under his belt over the last 2 decades. And in 2017, the Polorican shows no signs of slowing down. With his new book and another new album, this is just the beginning of a new chapter for the Skillionaire, with many more to follow.


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30 & Over League: 7th Boro Interview


Whenever people think about East Coast Hip Hop their minds automatically go to NYC. This is understandable being that New York is the birthplace of Hip Hop but if you take a ride down the turnpike you’ll find a scene just as rich in Hip Hop culture. Philadelphia has made huge contributions to Hip Hop from Schooly D to the legendary Roots crew to countless others. The 215 is doing their thing when it comes to our music. One crew that is representing lovely is Philly’s 30 & Over league. They are a collective of artists, producers, videographers, and anyone who contributes to their movement. We had the opportunity to chop it up with them.

First off, thanks for taking time out and making this happen.

7B – What is 30 & Over League?

30 & Over – A movement rooted in the common ground of hip hop consisting of some of the best talent in the world.

Who’s in the group, and is everyone from Philly?

The whole League consists of DJs (Cenobite & Philly Will), videographers/photographers (Mrs. Beast, Taurin “Cousin T” Gordon, Katrina Santiago), producers (Brizzo Beats, Tucky Beats, Dre Drums, Rhythm J, Rawthreat, Cenobite, Bundy Beats, & Mysti Gal (R.I.P. God Rest her beautiful soul.), and emcees (Blessa, Slim Dsm, Rec Raw, Al Mighty, Crisis, Xap, Microphone Tone, Chris Vance, Jonny on the Spot, Edd Bundy, Leigh Allure, Nico The Beast). We come from many different places but Philly is home base.

We’ve got crazy extended family as well as “administrative” personnel. Shouts to Mike Trampe, Dom Pinelli, J. Hatch, Cizz, Don Di Napoli, Baby Blak (C7 Jay Blak Labs), BAU, Exponent Ent. and the list goes on. continue

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Awkword: 7th Boro Interview



A few years ago I came upon artist Awkword when he released his project World View, an incredibly dope album that was the first of it’s kind. World View  included contributions from different artists, singers, and producers, spanning six continents and sixteen countries, uniting hip-hop on a global scale . Even more impressive, all proceeds from the album are donated to the non-profit organization, Guns 4 Cameras. The more I learned about Awkword, from his work in philanthropy as well as his notable catalog, the more impressed I became with him. I had the opportunity to speak with him about hip-hop, his charity work and his upcoming albums. Join as we delve into the mind of the 34 year old emcee, who is wise beyond his years. Check it out!


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Masta Ace – 7th Boro Interview @MastaAce


Growing up, I was a huge fan of Hip Hop. I used to put on my headphones and just get lost in the music. My older brother would sometimes throw some vinyl on and do mixathons as we’d call them. One artist that my brother had in constant rotation was Masta Ace. My brother put me on to Ace’s Sittin’ On Chrome and Slaughtahouse albums. I loved those two projects. The rhymes and the beats were definitely Toyota Corolla subwoofer ready! (Yes…I’m Puerto Rican!) In 2001 Ace dropped his classic Disposable Arts album. This album was great because the beats and rhymes were on point but there was also a concept behind it. This was 15 years ago. We are now in 2016 and Ace is still making good music. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Masta Ace during his tour European Tour.

Stroy: Ace, I’d like to thank you for taking time out to do this interview.

Ace: No doubt! Thank you for the opportunity. 

Stroy: What motivated you to start rhyming? Was there a moment when you were like, “Yo! this is what I want to do.”? 

Ace: I started rhyming to make our tapes better. Back in the late 70’s early 80’s we were making instrumental DJ tapes. We were listening to tapes from the different boroughs and decided to make them more interesting. I decided to add lyrics to those tapes and that’s how it all started.

Stroy: Listening to your music over the years, I notice that you put a lot of emotion into your music. Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Ace: I pull my inspiration from life and people that I grew up around. I’m a very nostalgic person. I have memories from my life and I pull from those memories. 

Stroy: Out of the projects that you’ve dropped, Is there a favorite and why?

Ace: My favorite is Disposable Arts. The reason is because when I made that record I felt as if it was the end of the line. When I went into the studio, I went in and made this record that would let me leave the game on my own terms. So I went in and made this record not knowing that it would single handedly extend my career going on 15 years now. If Disposable Arts never came out, these projects after 2001 would have never came out.  continue

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Eff Yoo & Rediculus : 7th Boro Interview

Eff Yoo Press 1

If you are unfamiliar with Queens emcee Eff Yoo then I suggest you get educated. Blessed with having an ill catalog with projects like Legend of the Gnome Sword with Golden Child, Bodega Businessman, They Came On Horseback with Godilla, Papa Dios and now his latest The Eff Word, he appeals to fans of hip-hop everywhere. With his smooth delivery and clever word-play I honestly can say there isn’t a track that he has touched that I couldn’t fuck with.

With each new album Eff continues to show growth and tenacity, constantly reinventing himself and surprising fans. With his latest effort The Eff Word I think he has clearly defined who he is as an artist. As Eff himself has said the album’s concept is simple… it’s a glimpse into the mind of him. It’s an equal mix of intelligence, street, storytelling and straight up griminess. Exactly how I like it.

Eff Yoo is also is a member of one of my favorite squads around, Broken Home and an affiliate of Elite Squad and has many collaborations with the other members. Seriously this man never takes a break. He is steady putting out music which as a fan I appreciate. When he’s not rhyming he’s teaching life lessons and being extremely hilarious which can be seen in his web series “Don’t Be a Piece of Shit Your Whole Life”.

Eff Yoo is set to drop The Eff Word on April 21st and I had the opportunity to speak with him and his producer for the project Rediculus.


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Horseshoe Gang: 7th Boro Interview


Back in December of 2009 I happened to be driving with one of my homeboys and he had this mixed tape from some up and coming DJ, I forget who but I remember on the project there were two back to back tracks simply titled Cypher 1 and Cypher 2. I was hyped. They went off. I picked up the CD with the photocopied track list and it said Horse Shoe Gang. Prior to that I had never heard of them. About a week after that I picked up their debut album which had dropped a month back (okay fine I also borrowed his CD that day…and by borrowed I mean took forever) When I heard Gangsta MC in it’s entirety I was like yo!! These dudes bring it. From that moment on I was a fan.

For those of you unfamiliar Horseshoe Gang is comprised of members Demetrius Capone, Julius Luciano, Kenny Siegel, and Andrew Dinero, four brothers hailing from Long Beach California. The group is closely affiliated with Crooked I and The Circle Of Bosses.

I wasn’t alone in my assessment, Gangsta MC was well received by the fans and was followed up with several mixtape projects with Crooked I and the albums Firing Squad and TrueStory. Between projects the group kept themselves relevant with a weekly series and the mixtape Ambitionz A Writer, a project featuring rhymes over popular industry beats of the time. They gained major buzz from the 2011 C.O.B. cypher, which in my opinion is probably still one of the illest cyphers to date and gave them much deseved recognition. We spoke with Horseshoe Gang about their upcoming project and touched on some issues. Check it out!
continue reading

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Funky DL – The 4th Quarter 2: Autonomy Interview (Interview)


Funky DL is one of my favorite artists from across the pond, and he’s working on a full length studio album, The 4th Quarter 2: Autonomy. I decided to post this three part interview he did, so folks can better familiarize themselves with who is Funky DL and the workings of his new project, which you can support here. Check it out

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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