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Wordsworth- 7th Boro Interview Part 1 & 2 [video]

I want to thank the extremely humble and down to earth Wordsworth for taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down for this exclusive 7th Boro interview. The Brooklyn MC, and his eMC crew just dropped a warm up track for their upcoming EP and have plans to also drop an album after that. Watch as Words and I speak on different topics:

Working on the Lyricist Lounge – 1:42
Possible new show – 4:11
Signing to Penalty Records – 4;45
Process behind working with eMC – 5:45
Most important quality when making a “super group” album- 7:31
If he had to form a Hip Hop “super group”- 9:40
His upcoming projects as a solo artist- 10:12
New MCs he is listening to now- 13:03
Possibility of Battle Rapping- 15:30
The use of the N word – 17:21
NBA Finals prediction – 19:25
Best player in the NBA – 20:24 (spoiler alert: not MY favorite response)

To be continued…….. Stay tuned to the and @Wordsworth_eMC for PART 2 coming in a few days.


Click here to watch Part 2

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