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King Syze – 7th Boro Interview

If you don’t already know who King Syze is, you should. Not only is he a member of the legendary Army Of The Pharoahs collective, he also has an impressive solo catalog of his own. Currently he’s prepping for the release of his 4th full length album & the upcoming AOTP project.

SPEK27: The new album is called Union Terminology & you’re putting it out as a free download. What was the reason for going that route?

King Syze: I’m giving out 200 free download copies to start the release off. The main purpose is to get the music out there as much as possible. I’ll have CDs and shirts for sale with this release along with videos. You know how much I love videos…haha. I’m trying to make the music as big as possible, that’s the main point of the first free copies. Also any cd purchased comes with a free download also.

SPEK27: The last album, Collective Bargaining, was heavy on guest features. How does this new album look as far as guests?

King Syze: Collective Bargaining had 17 total tracks. This album has 10, with 7 solos. The only features on this record are Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary and Lawrence Arnell. I love working with a lot of different artists, but putting together Collective Bargaining was a nightmare dealing with getting everyone together. But, at the end it was worth it because the record came out great. This album was a lot easier to record, shorter and more personal than the last one.

SPEK27: This is your 2nd full length record entirely produced by Skammadix. You also have two previous albums with multiple producers. Was working with Skam an easier process?

King Syze: Working with Skam is way easier, for the simple fact that he’s better than most producers in my opinion. I like just about everything he sends me, so I dont need to take a lot of time and going through the anxiety filled process of picking good beats. I just recently started collecting beats from other producers and its been a nightmare. Besides the obvious great producers I know personally, mostly everything has been flat out horrible. So yes, working with Skam has been an easy process for both albums.

SPEK27: How would you compare Union Terminology to Collective Bargaining?

King Syze: Collective Bargaining was filled with features. The album itself was rugged for the most part. Union Terminology is a deeper look into my everyday life, mixed with a few rugged bangers that I’ll never be able to get away from. Union Terminology is more personal while Collective Bargaining is more raw.

SPEK27: In the past you put out albums with Brick Records and Babygrande Records. What are some of the pros & cons of being totally independent as opposed to being on a label?

King Syze: Pros of being a totally independent artist are everything…album, shirt, sticker or whatever purchased goes right to me, Its kind of like when you buy an album off me you literally bought groceries for my family. There’s no hunting down a label executive for the money they claim they don’t have. I’ve been there before and that kind of tension is something I don’t want or need. When you’re an independent artist you reap the rewards from the few fans left that buy albums. That’s something that I really appreciate.
Cons are there’s nobody else helping out with anything. No promo, no shows, no distribution. Everything is on you. While label artists get to focus more on being an artist, I have to be artist, manager, promoter,etc. Most of these things I’m not good at, so for me it’s a struggle. It’s a double edged sword no matter what route you take. I’m just grateful to be in the position I’m in, being with my team AOTP and doing music with my family.

SPEK27: Speaking of AOTP, can you tell us anything about the new album?

King Syze: The new AOTP album is In Death Reborn and it drops April 22nd. It’s an amazing record with the usual hard beats and raps that our fans are accustomed to hearing. They’re going to love it.

SPEK27: Besides the fact that it’s free, why should fans check out the new project when it drops?

King Syze: I think the average, working hiphop fan will love this record because they can really get a look at how my life is not much different then theirs…along with great production. Overall, the record itself might help someone get through the day. I have used albums and music to get myself through a tough day or use the music to make an enjoyable day better. I really think the realness of the album will be appreciated by the fans.

SPEK27: Last words?

King Syze: I would like to give a shout to my fans that have supported me over the years. You guys are greatly appreciated and I’m going to do my best to make the best music I can for y’all. Peace.

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